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are available on various bankruptcy filings with reference to personal bankruptcy and help get you started on the road to financial rehabilitation.

What are bankruptcy rules regarding student loan?
Yes, but barely in the event that general bankruptcy rules apply. Many who sought for bankruptcy through federal student loans were unsuccessful. They who have succeeded needed to have a negative bankruptcy credit record for 7-10 years.

Can student loans be forgiven under chapter 7?
Yes, they are granted a remission for having cited “undue hardship” for the debtor or dependents of the debtor. It is necessary to show beyond reasonable doubt that they are unable to manage to make the payments and while have a good life for the dependents.

Do tax obligations get discharged when filing bankruptcy?
If the following five requirements are satisfied, tax debts can be paid off.
1. The taxpayer is not ineligible for taxes.
2. Tax returns were authentic and not faked.
3. The tax assessment is at least 240 days
4. Tax returns need to have been submitted within 2 years of the filing deadline for tax debt relief.
5. Tax debts which are over three years of age
Nonetheless, chapters 13, 12 and 11 don’t discharge tax priority dues.

Can taxes be discharged during bankruptcy?
The answer is both yes and no. Six bankruptcy chapters are numbered and each chapter has a different application to various circumstances. For example, tax debts do not apply to bankruptcy chapters 15 and 9 but they are applicable to chapters 13-12 11 and 7.

If you’re not permanently disabled , and earn an income in excess of the poverty threshold Your bankruptcy claim is likely to be rejected. However, in Los Angeles, one can be able to claim “undue hardship” through citing the high cost of living costs. 4emzwm47b4.

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