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Rochester ny channel 13

Next time you have a few moments to spare, try this little experiment. Grab your television remote and begin flipping slowly through your channels and take note of how many, and what type, of news programming you come across. While your findings will be less than awe inspiring, it should be eye opening. Most likely, your “trip” around the metaphorical television dial revealed a multitude of news stations and programming. In addition to channel 13 news you probably found national news, political news, economic news, sports news, weather news, book news, hunting and fishing news, religious news, music news, and various local news programs.

If you took any time to stop on any of the more “serious” news networks, chances are that you witnessed what would probably be considered as sensationalized news stories. You know the ones that you will never find on channel 13, about the latest kidnapping of an affluent blonde child, or the marginally talented Hollywood starlet who had a few too many. While no one wants to make light of a kidnapping, how do national news channels decide to focus on one of the 100,000 people who go missing each year? Well, they choose whatever will get the best ratings, because what is a better way to lure bored television viewers than an over sensationalized story of lurid nature?

Although sensationalized news effective draws in viewers, there are others who tune into channel 13 news because they have neither the interest, nor the time, to waste on news that is irrelevant to their lives. The news on channel 13 rochester NY is committed to serving the needs of their local viewers. This means that Rochester area viewers can always tune into Rochester NY channel 13 news for the latest coverage of the stories that are most important to them.

If you are looking for news stories that are purposely sensationalized to draw in rubbernecking viewers, you had better look elsewhere. Because Rochester channel 13 news only offers the most professional, reliable, trusted, and locally relevant news coverage in the industry. For those who value their time, and do not need the television to provide their daily excitement, the only news they will ever need can be found on channel 13 in Rochester, NY.

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