Dos and Donts for Finishing Your Hardwood Floors – Work Flow Management

Do it yourself hardwood flooring style.

It is essential to have the right tools for your DIY project. You will need plastic sheeting and a pry bar finishing nails, a hammer wood putty, a putty knife, drum sander, grit, vibrating sander, as well as edge sander. It may seem like quite a lengthy list of items but it is possible to buy everything you need at your local hardware store, such as home depot or lowes. A few of these tools might already be in your possession.

Once you have all of the needed equipment, it’s time to start your hardwood floor restoration. First thing you’ll must do is to remove all the shoe molding along your floor so that your sander isn’t damaging the floor. The next step is to fix loose floorboards. Then, you’ll need to seal the doors by using plastic sheets to keep dust in check. It is now time to rough sand your flooring. When you’ve rough sanded the flooring, sweep up dust or other debris. Finally, it’s time to fine-sand your floor and add the finishing. The floors will appear brand new within a matter of minutes.


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