How to Inspect an Air Conditioner – Family Dinners

ergy bills down. This video illustrates how you can inspect the AC’s outer components.

Before you start, make sure the machine is level. Incorrectly level machines could lead to an early degradation because of the flow of fluid. There is a way to put shims on the base to help make it more level.

Additionally, ensure that there isn’t any vegetation or bushes around your unit. For it to function properly, the air conditioner must be elevated three inches above the ground.

Examine the fan for any debris. It could cause damage. Make sure you check the manufacturer date, tonnage (which can be determined via the serial numbers) and also the maximum breaker. This is essential for determining current from the breaker box within your house.

Check to make sure the cutoff is connected to good wiring so the maintenance worker can safely and safely shut off power when doing work on it. For more details, click on the link below to watch the video.


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