Custom Engagement Ring Options – Black Friday Video

You have a range of different design options to can choose among. Nearly every part of the ring may be changed to your liking. In this post we will explore some possibilities for customizing the engagement ring will allow you to pick.

The initial option has to be considered is the type of stone you decide to use to make the rings. There are other possibilities to your traditional engagement band. You might also be fascinated by other stones, such as rubies and emeralds.

Another aspect you can select for your band is the shape of the stone. The stone you choose to get cut in various methods. Contact the jeweler for more information about the forms they are able to offer.

Another option that we’ll talk about is the band. The band, which is connected to your fingers, is where the stone is kept. You have a few options for metal choices in the band. Two of the most famous metals used by band members are gold and silver.


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