How Does Central AC Work? – Home Efficiency Tips

Our team is available to serve to assist you. Below is a video to assist new homeowners to understand how their central air conditioning functions.

The indoor and outdoor parts of central air conditioners can be divided. The condensing component is located outdoors and houses the compressor, coils, as well as the motor. The unit’s cooling coils are in the interior of the home and are usually placed near the furnace or air handler. A fan blows the condensed cool air through ducts connected to areas throughout the house.

The warm air in the dwelling is pulled out and removed through the return. The thermostat informs the fans and condensing unit once the temperature is at the setpoint. When the thermostat measures that temperatures have risen over the temperature set point, it prompts the compressor and fan to restart their work.

It’s important to be acquainted with the basic functions of central air cooling units. You should be aware of when it’s appropriate to reach out to the local HVAC experts for help. jnhadu16i1.

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