New Study Reveals Link Between Sleep Apnea and Diabetes – Health and Fitness Tips

American Diabetes Association points out as well that the rates of cost for diabetes are extremely large. The American Diabetes Association estimates that the diabetes treatment expenses in America are $327 billion per year. It’s about one-seventh percent of Americans’ health-care expenses. This is not just a problem for the bodies of diabetics, but also wallets, as well as health care overall.

Diabetes can be more than one medical condition. Additional conditions that are caused by diabetes are diabetic retinopathy. It causes damage to the blood vessels in the eyes which can lead to blindness if neglected. The condition also affects blood circulation throughout the body, particularly to the feet. The cause of gangrene is poor circulation between the feet and the toes as a result of the condition. It can cause death and could require the amputation or removal of the entire foot. A lack of circulation may also cause blood clots in the arteries due to a increase in plaque.

All diabetics, and all those who care for them, must be aware that bleeding from diabetes is a significant issue. The bleeding takes longer to stop following injuries, such as scrapes and scratches. Patients with diabetes must inform their dentists know that they’re in a diabetic state prior to performing any work on their teeth in order to prevent bleeding problems. ogbrjx2v8k.

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