3 Facts to Consider When Designing a New Website

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With the growth of online shopping and the digital marketplace, businesses are presented with all kinds of unprecedented opportunities. However, without a great web design companies might struggle to take advantage of them. In order to build the site they need, many owners and managers will want to check out several web design company websites in order to find the right firm for them. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to know which development firm will be most helpful, so when looking for web designs services, there are a few facts that individuals should keep in mind.

1. Web users will make decisions after viewing a website in only a 20th of a second. This means that first impressions are quite important, and having a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing site is a must. While some companies will want a site that is clean, simple, and easy to read, others might want one with lots of bold colors and graphics. Whatever, the case may be, web design experts will be able to build a site that is tailored to the needs of a specific business, making them a valuable resource.

2. Having a fast site is vital since 47% of people expect a site to load in two seconds or less. If businesses want web users to stay on their site long enough to get the information they need to make a purchase, they will have to have a professional web site design that loads quickly. If it does not, individuals might head to the site of a competitor before even seeing what a company has to offer. In fact, 40% of people will completely abandon a site if it has a load time of more than three seconds.

3. Nowadays, websites need to be optimized for mobile use in order to cater to the growing population of people who are doing their shopping on mobile devices. In the past, simply having a dynamic site was enough, but now, it needs to be able to be accessed by smartphones and tablets.

There are lots of facts that could influence how a business designs a website, and individuals can learn many of them while doing research and evaluating web design company websites. Learning them could go a long way towards hiring the right web development agency.

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