How Anyone Can Tackle Family Chores by Turning Them Into Fun Games – Family Game Night

Keep going until all socks have been paired. One of the perfectly matched pairs wins. It is necessary to have a whistle to help you choose the color, and be able to watch the other family members battle for their bedrooms. The first member to return to their rooms with all the dirty clothes with the color they chose wins the contest. Contests to wash laundry is a fun enjoyable, fun and energetic means of sorting and dealing with household chores.
Toy Pile Assembly, Freeze Dance and Room Makeover

It can seem daunting it is difficult to get rid of a room of toys. Place all the toys on the opposite side of the room. Then ask your children to break each piece apart. Set goals for how fast they can clear their pile, and check if they are successful. This can be transformed into a freeze dance into a fun strategy to get the family to complete household chores. Music that is energized and entertaining and then let your children dance in a jumble of toys as possible before the music ends. The music should be stopped until all children have cleared the space. After cleaning the room and cabinets, let your children take pictures. Take photos once they have completed their task and review the pictures. Doing so is rewarding as it encourages kids to take care of their bedrooms.

How can you encourage family members to be to help with chores for your family

The holidays are a perfect time to train and ensure that everyone is prepared to handle family chores. If everything goes according to plan kids will be accountable after the holiday season. Have a discussion with the whole family and make sure everyone understands how important it is to take care of household chores. Be sure to maintain a gentle yet firm voice, reminding everyone that everyone must keep their homes clean in order to ensure the quality of indoor air. Take care to discuss any concerns that come up during discussion, and then agree as to the best method for everyone to tackle family chores. Think about having a conversation with your spouse over concerns prior to the family meeting. That way, you can demonstrate your unity to other family members.


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