Implicit Bias Training and the Police Force – Southwest Finger Lakes Crime Stoppers

le behave based on factors such as sex and race, sexual orientation, and more. Everyday implicit biases impact all. Implicit biases are a source of great harm when they are employed in the police work. This video discusses the connections with the police force as well as implicit bias. The video also addresses the training of police officers to combat bias.

Implicit means ‘unaware’. Many people are discriminated against because of implicit bias in everyday situations. Indirect bias could affect whom teachers detain as well as who’s selected to a team, and so lots more. The purpose of training isn’t to eradicate bias, however, rather, to make you conscious of how the underlying factors can influence the decisions you’re making.

An investigation from 2012 revealed how bias among officers can be seen. Faced with a variety of simulated people of various races, officers shot the black and Latino bodies faster than they shot white and Asian body parts. When confronted with images of individuals to see who looked ‘criminal’, they always chose faces of black people over white ones. While experts claim there’s no concrete evidence that training to combat implicit bias works and is crucial for us to maintain bias trainingespecially for officers. d2ukbiozym.

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