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If you are faced with a court case, the majority of Americans can be easily overwhelmed. Even for law students understanding legal terms can be an overwhelming task. Don’t be concerned if you are in a situation in which you aren’t sure about something. If you plan on going to court soon you should research the basics of legal terminology so that you have a good understanding of what’s happening. This video provides the definition of “power of attorney”, one of frequently used terms when it comes to legal matters.

“Power of attorney” is a legal document which grants the attorney authority to act on your behalf in courtrooms. In essence, it’s an act of transferring power from yourself to your attorney who has experience. It is a common practice however, very few individuals facing legal problems have sufficient experience and knowledge to be able to offer a solid probability of winning the case. Additionally, you can make an argument in favor of “transfer to power of attorney” by which you are able to give your power of attorney to a family member if you should become incapacitated. Giving someone power of attorney is an important thing to do, so do not take this lightly.


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