Leaving Your Dog at Home During Vacation Is it Safe? – Veterinary Prices


ng their furry friend home while going on vacation. Airlines have created special places of their planes specifically for pets. The option isn’t for everybody. For some, they do not want the stress of making their pets asleep to ease anxiety during flights. Furthermore, many dog-owners send their dogs to board or training centers that have good reputations in dog care. A few dog owners prefer to have their pets stay at their home and avoid tension that is associated with the move. To do this safely, this video provides some tips on how to keep your dog home during vacation, and still keep your dog safe and well.

It is important to meet the person who will be caring of your pet before you depart. So they will be at ease in an environment that is comfortable and your dog will be less anxious when the new caregiver is there to feed them. Be sure to leave your caregiver with clear directions regarding everything your dog requires. You can also leave any remedies for the dog’s problem for the caretaker.


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