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into silicone roof coating? This is a worthwhile process. The video below from Westing Roofing Systems will explain the benefits and drawbacks of silicone roofing coatings.

The silicone-based roofing coating (also known as a restoration membrane) is an application that’s applied to a single membrane. This coating will extend the lifespan and guarantee of your roof. The type of roof you choose is suitable for roofs with no leaks, roofs which are in good repair and which haven’t expired more than 5 years prior. If you own a home which has numerous leaks, then this system may not be an option for the building. If your roof suffers from severe damage, you could need to replace it completely. The system is most effective with a roof that does not leak, and just needs an extended life beyond its warranty.

If you are interested in the use of a roof coating made of silicone for your building or buildings you should watch the entire video below to find out about the benefits and cons of this system of restoration. Join our mailing list to get more helpful material.


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