How Much to Spend on Custom Jewelry Projects – Store 3A

You can request a custom jeweler to create your own unique piece. A lot of customers are looking for their name, favorite movie character, or a logo on a diamond piece. Below is a video that will show the cost average for custom-made diamond jewelry at a local custom shop located near New York City.

The price of custom diamond jewelry can range as little as $4500, all the way to $20,000. Prices will vary according to the colour you select as well as the level of detail that is included in the design and also your individual preferences. You can see that practically anything is feasible with an individual piece. Diamonds can be put into virtually any shape, such as sports logos and animal designs. The prices reflect the amount of amount of time and effort jewelers place into each and every item. A lot of jewelers offer consultation for you to visualize your own custom diamond. If you’re willing to invest money for the work then you are free to be creative as you want.


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