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onym FWD But do you know the meaning behind this? FWD refers to front wheel drive. Also called front wheel transmission this means that force generated by your engine is delivered to the front wheels of the vehicle.

Front wheel drive implies that the front wheels of the vehicle pull it, while the rear wheels don’t get power. If you are driving a vehicle with front wheel transmission, you’ll have the many benefits.

One reason is that a car with front wheel drive can be priced lower. The appearance of a car which has front wheel drives will be simpler than that of a rear wheel driven as well as being much smaller than an all-wheel drive. One reason why this happens is because an all wheel drive comes with lesser parts and its production process is simpler.

A further benefit is its higher range. Cars that are front wheel driven have a lighter design and are more efficient. It is for this reason that the entry level cars, or cars that are affordable are designed with a front-wheel drive.

The video below will help you understand more about front-wheel drive cars.

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