Benefits of a Marine Isolation Transformer – Write Brave

Learn more about their functions and what factors you should consider before purchasing.

Many boats come equipped with an isolation transformer. But what are they used for? These transformers were designed to safeguard the marine metals that are on the boat from galvanic or reverse-polarity corrosion.

The isolation transformers transform unstable AC energy, which is prone to be dangerous, from shore sources to clean, stable power that you can use to power your boat.

When looking at marine isolation transformers you need to take certain things into account. The transformer doesn’t need to be the largest boat, or lots of room. The volume and weight of the transformer should fit the dimensions and capability of the boat.

A third factor is cost. The cost is around two hundred dollars to purchase the device with installation costs, which is approximately $600. The investment is worth it since it’s able to prevent straight current corrosion and protect yourself and swimmers in the vicinity from the risk of unstable AC power flows from shore sources.

Talk to managers or your fellow boatmen if curious about marine isolation transformers. Spend the time and effort to learn more about isolation transformers, and increase the durability and security of your boat.


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