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Inspections every year should be a an integral part of your plan for maintenance. A quick evaluation of the area will highlight any needed repairs that the tenant has neglected to declare and will also reveal any violations of the lease agreement.

Make sure you have your HVAC maintenance covered for forthcoming AC season and the winter heating season. If you are in need of commercial HVAC services it’s best to be aware of the scenario.

Staying ahead of the energy trend by taking care of problems even when these are minor problems can be an excellent way to conserve time, money and stress. Making sure tenants are satisfied and happy requires that you ensure the building is well maintained.

Incorporate Contract Reviews in Your Office Building Maintenance Checklist

Reviewing your annual maintenance agreements should be a routine every property manager should do. For example, a review of your commercial security contract could reveal if you’re still getting the best return from the firm.

The annual contract review can reveal unanticipated savings. Companies that manage property often commit the mistake of sticking to their provider for longer amounts in excess of the time they are required out of loyalty and laziness. It is possible to find better prices or better prices elsewhere. All you need be doing is take a look.

The annual review of contracts could put you in a situation to negotiate a lower rate. You should always ask for discounts. It is a good occasion to speak about the possibility of loyalty discounts and other benefits when renewing a contract. Furthermore, going through your contract may give you information on the kind of services you are getting compared to the type of services guaranteed by the contract.

Weekly Maintenance of Office Buildings

A weekly building maintenance checklist is also necessary. Activities on a weekly basis are usually concentrated on maintaining. f2illmprmo.

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