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The kidneys are the most frequent organs to be affected because they’re the ones responsible for flushing out excess glucose in the body. Still, excess blood sugar may cause problems for any organ of your pet’s body.

The easiest way to tell if your dog suffers from diabetes by looking at the symptoms.

Ear Infections are common in Dogs

The ear problems of dogs are quite prevalent. The reason for this is that the ear canals of dogs function differently to human ears. They are not as curved inwardly like the human ear and hence more vertical than our. This allows bacteria to grow within them as well, which is why there’s a larger risk for your dog to contract an infection during swimming or even if they have allergies that result in persistent inflammation of the inner ear.

Ear infections can be easily recognized by constant scratching head shaking , and the staining of the ear from the accumulation of wax. If you notice any of these symptoms you must visit your veterinarian immediately because untreated the ear infection can extend beyond the ear canal and impact other parts of their body.

Heartworm found in Dogs

If you believe that your dog’s heartworms are present, consult your vet immediately to make an examination and diagnosis. Heartworms may cause breathing issues for your pet and can affect their heart. These parasites can be passed to animals through mosquito bites. Even though they’re not transferable between animals following, they may be a problem for dogs throughout the time of the year. It is easier to spot in the earlier phases of illness, therefore the delay until signs show could be detrimental to your pet’s health.

Heartworms are roundworms parasitic that live in their t fq8zyknqij.

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