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If your case have been read to you and you await trial, it is not necessary to be held for the duration of your trial. The reason for that is because the bail hearing courts exist where your attorney can request that the court release you prior to the date of trial. In most cases, most people do not have that sum of money that is determined by the court for bail. However, with the help of professional bail bondsmen, they can help make the required amount higher and liberated. Bail bonds companies charges a fee to help you. Most people don’t understand what bail extended means. It is the situation in which the bail period is extended because the police are still investigating the matter. There are some conditions to this. In particular, you must not contact the victim , and if you attempt to contact them, you may be deported back to prison. Under other conditions, you can be granted bail in cases that are not bailable. For example, if the accused is sick, they can be granted bail in non bailable crimes. If you’re granted bail in the course of trial, make sure you are not interfering with the evidence or attempt to force witnesses to testify. You could end up becoming a serious criminal. q3lvmyc97k.

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