The Benefit of Catholic Schools – Quotes On Education

There is a lot of controversy around the difference between private and public schools. The video below outlines some specific differences. 91% of Catholic school students graduate from with a high school diploma. Nearly 90% of catholic schoolchildren go on to university. There are a lot of special benefits to Catholic schooling. It is essential to blend the two to allow a student to progress. Catholic schools struggle with the revenue they earn. Since the school is completely run by the parish and the families, it is difficult to make ends meet. It is vital to assist schools find different funding sources. It’s difficult to make funding available the students of diverse backgrounds. Students who speak different languages than English and immigrants and children of lower socioeconomic status make up in the student community. They must understand the relationship between religion and education. If we can feed our intellectual side, religion can be streamlined into that. People miss out on educating their children in the religion. It is not a good idea to just wait until our children be past the questioning age for them to start learning about the religion. It’s important to help children to accept the religion. iiq9py7f8v.

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