When Web Design Discovered Psychology

Web design

The purpose of the web designers company has changed over the past few years as the pendulum swings to heavily favor conversion results and return on investment versus professional web site design that was all about the “look”. What was once the mystic of graphic design and slick software tricks has come to focus on ease of use and sales conversion.

In the earlier days of the internet, it was enough to have your web designers company throw up an online store that was nice to look at. Now you have to make it nice looking, but you also have to fine tune all of the links and calls to action to induce customers to make a purchase or provide contact information for future marketing.

With the evolution of user experience as a part of web design, your web design experts may find more value for you by tweaking the butto Continue reading When Web Design Discovered Psychology

Things to See and Do in Rochester NY

If you are looking for an affordable, mid sized city in which to live and work, Rochester NY is a location that is quite hard to beat! With a beautiful collection of new and historic buildings, an advantageous position on beautiful Lake Erie, the city offers a multitude of cultural and outdoorsy things to do that can satisfy the entire family!

Plenty of historic museums dot the Rochester ny area, and simply walking around the older homes throughout the historic districts in the city can make you feel like you have stepped back in time. Rochester NY in many ways is an example of living history and progress, as its beloved historic infrastructure is largely occupied and used by all sorts of people and businesses today, and the proud part that the city played in the fight for abolition and universal suffrage still resonates as well.

Additionally, plenty of contemporary offerings are available in Rochester NY to tempt the modern traveler. Beautiful skyscrapers cluster downtown, top-rated universities are concentrated in and around the area, and a thriving music and arts scene in the city is sure to please even the most discriminating of visitors. Plenty of galleries and excellent restaurants call Rochester NY home as well, and the denizens of this city will proudly extol the virtues of their favorite eateries!

Should you find Rochester NY charming enough to consider a move to the city, you will be pleased to find that the housing stock tends to be quite affordable, and the schools are often excellent. Plenty of outdoor activities are available in warmer and colder months alike, from taking advantage of the snowy Lake Effect winters to the sandy beaches of Lake Ontario when the mercury rises. Take the time to visit, and you very well might find yourself falling in love with Rochester NY and its environs very quickly!